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Mixed green salad served with bread   160 NT$ Olive oil vinaigrette 橄欖油醋醬 Salad  沙拉French Quiche and salad  170 NT$ 法式鹹派 + 沙拉 Green olive Tapenade with bread 130 NT$ 普羅旺斯橄欖醬 附麵包 Wedding day dip with bread  130 NT$ 柬埔寨婚禮  附麵包 Fresh spring rolls    150 NT$ 柬式新鮮春捲 Bowl of healthy soup  with bread       90 NT$ 湯品附麵包 Stir-fried pumpkin and zucchini with olive and tomato    240 NT$ 南法風味炒南瓜 Stir-fried eggplant with tofu and basil leaf      240 NT$ 柬式九層塔茄子 Stir-fried mushrooms Cambodian style with toasted rice and fresh herbs  250 NT$ 柬式香料炒菇 Peanut Cambodian curry loaded with chewy noodles and veggies   250 NT$ 柬式花生疙瘩咖哩 Water bamboo and green veggies in creamy sauce     270 NT$ 白醬鮮蔬筊白筍 Italian linguine with our special tomato sauce topped with aged parmigiano   290 NT$ Chamkar義式麵食 Add soup and your choice of dessert for 150 NT$ 加150元享有湯品及您喜愛的甜點 Today’s French tart                   今日特選法式塔        100 NT$ Vanilla Creme brulée    法式香草烤布蕾   110 NT$ Fruit platter    水果盤     80 NT$

Drink list Taipei

Perrier water         120 $ 氣泡水 Soda (Coke, sprite, tonic)   80 $ 可樂,雪碧,通寧水 Diet Coke     80 $ 健怡可樂 Taïtaï Vinegar     120 $ 玫瑰花果醋 Plum Juice     90 $ 烏梅汁 Fruit shakes ( ask for seasonal fruits) 110 $ 水果冰沙 (詢問時令水果) Espresso coffee    60 $ 意式濃縮咖啡 Americano coffee    80 $ 美式咖啡 Cappuccino   100 $ 義式泡沫咖啡 Latte coffee   100 $ 拿鐵 Mocha    110 $ 摩卡(可可咖啡) House wine by glass   150 $ 店酒   紅 / 白酒類 Take a look at our selection of fine wines 請參考我們精選的紅白酒

Menu Chamkar House Angkor Wat Cambodia


Ratana's spring rollsENmePaCnIydæancMkar  $ 3.50

Fresh spring rolls served with a sweet coconut, peanut and chilli sauce. A classic with an added touch of the chef's inspiration.

Wedding day dip Nmbu½gGaMgTwkNataMgpSit  $ 3.50

Creamy coconut and mushroom dip with toasted peanuts served with Cambodian baguette. A Chamkar speciality to try!

Crispy veggies bEnøb¿BgCamÜyTÅkRClk;Rtav  $ 4.50

Light and crispy tempura of frangipani flower; ginger, baby corn and sweet basil leaf served with a taro and coconut milk dip

Amok puff Gam:ukb¿Bgbgáb;eRKOg  $ 4.75

Original Amok and curry fritters served with a bell pepper and balsamic vinegar relish. A surprising combination of taste that you won't forget.


Cambodians favourite salad jaMsVayx©I  $ 3.50

The vegetarian version of the traditional Cambodian green mango salad, without fish sauce, but with the delicate flavours of toasted peanuts and fresh herbs.

Pomelo Salad ja¿RkÚcføúgBiess $ 4.00

Fresh pomelo toss with tomato, cucumber, fresh herbs and lime dressing. It’s so fresh that you can’t stop eating it.

Monsoon salad ja¿ltqar $ 4.50

Mushrooms, cucumber, yam bean, rice noodle, crisp tofu, and fresh herbs topped with a sweet toasted peanut and coconut milk dressing. A flavoursome dish.

In bloom salad c¿karsaLad $ 4.50

A medley of cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot and green mango over a bed of green leaves topped with parmigiana cheese, croûtons and home made basil and olive oil dressing (vegan option).

Pearl salad ja¿RtLac $ 4.75

Discover the sweetness of an original soy sauce and walnut oil dressing mixed with green salad and Khmer crudités and topped with godji, roasted cashew nuts.

Soups & Curry

The country soup $ 4.00

Black sticky rice balls soup with yellow ginger flavor and lots of vegetables, simply delicious. smørCnbT

Spicy garden $ 4.50

Tickle your taste buds with the flavours of fresh galangal, ginger and lemongrass mix with the sweetness of tofu and vegetables. A little patience is needed to prepare this slightly-spicy soup and relish these subtle yet complex flavours. es¶arRCk;pSitnÅgetAh‘Ú

Stir the pot $ 5.00

A lemongrass green curry with a medley of eggplants served with raw veggies on the side. Add as you please long beans, cucumbers, bean sprouts, rice vermicelli, chilli and stir well in your pot. n¿bB©úaksmørkarIexóv

Cambodian curry secrets $ 5.00

A slightly spicy red curry balanced by the sweetness of potato, cherry tomato, coconut milk and the unique taste of Khmer cardamom. A fine and mouth-watering dish.


Main courses

Mad eggplant lovers $ 5.00

Stir-fried grilled eggplant with loofah, coconut milk and the delicate taste of holy basil.


Special Chamkar pasta $ 5.50

Pasta with our special home-made basil peanut pesto sauce with dried tomato and cheese (please ask for vegan option). qarmIGuItalIBiess

Truly rooty $ 6.00

Enjoy the exciting taste of crunchy cassava fritters with yellow curry paste and toasted cashew nuts served with a delicately perfumed chilli and krasaing fruit sauce and a green mango chutney on the side. DMLÚgKeconCamYybuRksaMg

Mushrooms pot $ 6.00

A medley of mushrooms delicately simmered in a creamy coconut milk sauce seasoned with lemon basil leaf and served with home made rice balls, this is a mushroom surprise. bbrpSitc¿ebIgRTg;eRKOg

Amok gnocchi $ 6.50

Chamkar Gnocchi home made by our Cambodian Chef but from authentic Italian recipe stir in a smooth and slightly-spicy amok sauce and vegetables. mIGIutalIlak;xøÜnkñúgGam:uk

Challenge the skewers $ 6.50

Specially marinated vegetable skewers with peanut curry paste served with pickles and Cambodian black pepper sauce. bEnøRTnYcCamYyRCk;nigTwkRkÚcqµa

Rediscovering tofu $ 6.75

Stuffed tofu with fried pumpkin, curry paste and toasted peanut served with an onion and green pepper chutney. A Chamkar signature dish not to be missed! etAh‘UeconRTg;eRKOg